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Kevin Zimmerman

Author / Speaker / Radio Host / Veteran

Kevin Zimmerman, a Smithsonian Institution accepted author and military veteran is also a public speaker who travels the nation to tell his story and also inspire others.

Army veteran Kevin Zimmerman has dedicated his life and career to serving his country and the people who fight to protect it. He is the co-author of A Time for Everything: The Kevin Zimmerman Story and has been awarded the Soldier's Medal, the highest honor that can be bestowed on a service member by Congress for an act of bravery when our nation is not declared at war, twice.

He has made history as a soldier and as an African American, but Kevin has no desire to be branded a hero or an exceptional person. He only wishes to continue to serve the men and women of the Armed Forces and provide inspiration to the nation they protect! Outside of that demographic he has thoroughly enjoyed the success of sharing his story at faith based conferences where he details the miracles that God has performed in his life.

Knowing that inspiration can be provided to many different audiences he has spoken to the growing young minds of fourth graders, major colleges and universities, government agencies such as the Social Security Administration and numerous graduating classes of all Department of Defense Advanced Military Training Programs. He has also appeared on numerous television programs, radio broadcasts and in print media.  Not only is Kevin a two time recipient of the Soldiers Medal but he is also a two time Prostate Cancer champion survivor. Kevin is one of the few men that received his diagnosis before the age of 50. He now speaks to young men around the world and encourages them to protect and stay engaged with their health by giving the facts with a palatable comedic delivery that plants the seed of a hopeful domino effect to catch the disease early and save lives.


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