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Erin Campbell

Speaker / Bible Teacher / Radio Host

As an atheist for 30 years, many have tried to successfully debate Erin into faith with clever formulas, quick wit, guilt, and promises, but to no avail. Her salvation ultimately came when someone showed her something dramatically different… the "love" of Jesus Christ!

Campbell says, "I must confess, there is no way of understanding why God would rescue one of His most unworthy subjects; a harlot who persecuted believers and cursed His very existence. To think that Jesus would actually pursue me on Bourbon Street, of all places, was simply impossible for me to comprehend. I was an atheist in the act of mocking one of His beloved servants at 3:00 in the morning! He revealed Himself to me in the most loving way, yet I resisted Him. Then, only months later in 1993, the Lord watched me literally run away from His offer of forgiveness which was extended to me during the Billy Graham Crusade, only to apprehend me by His extravagant, loving embrace in the parking lot… Oh my! I have come to the conclusion, through reading His Word and holding His truth next to my own experiences, that we simply cannot out-run His love, nor can anyone out-sin His grace. There is nothing like the love of Jesus… nothing!" This began Erin's quest to meet as many believers as possible in order to learn how God pursued them!

Erin has spent years broadcasting stories of faith on Water through the Word RADIO; now heard coast-to-coast by 23.7 million listener subscribers on SIRIUS/XM "Family Talk" channel 131 on Sunday mornings from 11:00 - 12noon (Eastern Standard Time). Since 2004, Erin has invited men and women to share their dramatic stories, "Because… EVERYONE has a story!"

Erin has featured over 500 guests, including; Comedians- Chonda Pierce, Phil Calloway, etc.; Actor- Stephen Baldwin; Supermodels- Kim Alexis, Jennifer O'Neal; Bible Teachers- Priscilla Shirer, Anne Graham Lotz, Joyce Meyer, etc.; Inspirational Speakers- Carol Kent, Florence Littauer, etc.; Best-Selling authors- Liz Curtis Higgs, Michelle Medlock Adams, Laurie Beth Jones, etc.; Recording Artists- Ginny Owens, etc., and many others.

As a full-time conference presenter, Erin has traveled extensively ministering at national conferences and weekend retreats, averaging 90 events per year. Because of the dramatic nature of her testimony; "From Atheist to Christ Follower" Erin's story has been featured in many venues, including Billy Graham's website.

To read article, click: http://www.billygraham.org/articlepage.asp?ArticleID=1878

Erin's desire is to see men and women transformed from feelings of inadequacy and insignificance to lives of confidence and influence through the Truths of God's Word - Building Confidence IN Christ. Her messages draw deeply from her personal love of her Lord as she encourages her audiences to recapture the radiant wonder of an authentic, intimate life IN Christ through the Word of God.

As a Bible teacher, Erin and has written, taught, and recorded many Deeper Living Series, including; Hidden Agendas: Boldly Facing Life's Hidden Traps,Forbidden Fruit: Taking the Bite out of Temptation, Authentic Faith: Dealing with Life's Difficulties, Radically Undone: Our New Normal, Becoming a Woman of Contentment: A Weekend Retreat, and more. Her most recent series, Power of Prayer: Restoring Lost Intimacy with Jesus was released in fall of 2012.

Erin's husband, Matt- Chairman of the Board, supports every function of this ministry along with 12 full-time Directors and over 170 ministry volunteers who are all equally committed to growing men and women in Christ. Matt travels with Erin to conferences and retreats and is a favorite addition at every event.

Erin and Matt are best friends, have two grown children and one grandson, Elijah. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio with their famous underwear thieving schnoodle named Maxy.

Heart of Erin's weekend retreats:

What does His "love" look like, and what factors dim our witness? Erin encourages her audiences to examine how to live a life IN Christ, rather than simply FOR Christ; intimacy vs. religion. Her weekend retreats and Bible series are filled with laughter and depth; encouraging men and women, whether they are exploring their faith for the first time or have been traveling with Christ for a lifetime, how to live effortlessly IN Christ no matter the circumstance or chaos surrounding them. Erin boldly shares from God's Word, along with her own personal stories, about the "hidden traps" that most Christians fall into. But more importantly, she shares how to successfully navigate around them; encouraging the Body that it is through our struggles that the world will see the Truth… and the Truth will set them free!



  • MinistryErin Campbell Ministries
  • AddressErin Campbell Ministries 
    P.O. Box 24361 
    Cincinnati, OH 45224-0361 
  • Location Ohio
  • Phone  800-274-8951 
  • Websitewww.ErinCampbellMinistries.com
  • TravelLocally, Nationally, Internationally
  • EventsWomen's Conferences, Women's Retreats, Church Services, Revivals, Television, Radio, Special Events
  • Speaker FeeFleixible Honorarium

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